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New York Imperials North Carolina Muskets California Redwoods Florida Dockers Louisiana Blues

09/02/09 – Louisiana Blues (36, away) vs. North Carolina Muskets (37, home)

09/06/09 – California Redwoods (24, away) vs. New York Imperials (39, home)

10/06/09 – Louisiana Blues (25, away) vs. Florida Dockers (32, home)

10/11/09 – Louisiana Blues (30, away) vs. Califonia Redwoods (27, home)

Upcoming: 10/18/09 – New York Imperials (home) vs. Florida Dockers (away)


Connecticut Peaks Florida Mercury Massachusetts Gaelics North Carolina Aviators

09/02/09 – Florida Mercury (87, away) vs. Connecticut Peaks (86, home)

09/06/09 – North Carolina Aviators (73, away) vs. Florida Mercury (55, home)

10/06/09 – California T-Birds (59, away) vs. Massachusetts Gaelics (73, home)

10/11/09 – North Carolina Aviators (63, away) vs. Florida Mercury (48, home)

Upcoming: 10/18/09 – Massachussetts Gaelics (home) vs. Connecticut Peaks (away)


Amir Abdallah Mickey Kelly Leroy Tamarind Enrique Gomez Rocco Scardera

09/02/09 – Enrique Gomez KO’d Amir Abdallah in the 6th round.

09/06/09 – Mickey Kelly KO’d Leroy Tamarind in the 6th round.

10/06/09 – Rocco Scardera KO’d Enrique Gomez in the 2nd round.

10/11/09 – Amir Abdallah KO’d Leroy Tamarind in the 2nd round.

Upcoming: 10/18/09 – Rocco Scardera vs. Mickey Kelly


Rhode Island Ravens Texas Wranglers Illinois Monarchs North Carolina Charlatans New York Goliaths

09/02/09 – Texas Wranglers (46, away) vs. Illinois Monarchs (42, home)

09/06/09 – Rhode Island Ravens (41, away) vs. North Carolina Charlatans (44, home)

10/06/09 – Illinois Monarchs (37, away) vs. New York Goliaths (51, home)

10/11/09 – New York Goliaths (39, away) vs. Rhode Island Ravens (44, home)

Upcoming: 10/18/09 – Texas Wranglers (home) vs. North Carolina Charlatans (away)


Michigan Flints Pennsylvania Hemlocks North Carolina Admirals Washington Saints Alberta Enforcers

09/02/09 – Washington Saints (4, away) vs. Michigan Flints (5, home)

09/06/09 – Pennsylvania Hemlocks (6, away) vs. Alberta Enforcers (5, home)

10/06/09 – Washington Saints (4, away) vs. North Carolina Admirals (6, home)

10/11/09 – Michigan Flints (2, away) vs. Alberta Enforcers (4, home)

Upcoming: 10/18/09 – Pennsylvania Hemlocks (home) vs. Washington Saints (away)

Disclaimer: Teams and scores listed above are fictional and are not intended to portray or foretell actual events.  Any duplication of team names or scores is purely coincidental. Scores are generated by the rolling of dice to ensure fair and random outcomes as follows:

Baseball: 3 dice are rolled 3 times per team.

Basketball: 3 dice are rolled 6 times per team.

Boxing: 3 dice are rolled once per boxer. 1 die is then rolled once to determine the winning round.

Football: 3 dice are rolled 4 times per team.

Hockey: 1 die is rolled once per team.

  1. YAY alberta my home!!

  2. Heh. I couldn’t have a fictional hockey league and not represent.

    Go Flames Go!

    I mean, Go Enforcers Go!

  3. damn stampede!! xD

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