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Mileposts: The Waffle Hut

In Citizens, Narrative on October 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm
Jon Haystack sits inside the Waffle Hut to write his experience of a Missing Mile favourite.

Photo and story by Jon Haystack

As I walk up to the waffle house door, my faint reflection looks straight at me between the glass, as if it was in another world parallel to this one. It mimics me, taunting me, following every action that I do and any in sight of its’ view.

Blinking twice, I go to turn the handle as it does at the exact moment and the door swings back. My reflection soon dissipates as I enter. Walking inside, I can smell the aroma of sizzling batter, warm syrup, and cooked toast. The waitress, Suzie Applebottom, is busy working behind the counter. Moving from the waffle maker to the stoves, she happily works through the day to keep those eager for waffles, well fed.

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