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Mileposts: The Waffle Hut

In Citizens, Narrative on October 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm
Jon Haystack sits inside the Waffle Hut to write his experience of a Missing Mile favourite.

Photo and story by Jon Haystack

As I walk up to the waffle house door, my faint reflection looks straight at me between the glass, as if it was in another world parallel to this one. It mimics me, taunting me, following every action that I do and any in sight of its’ view.

Blinking twice, I go to turn the handle as it does at the exact moment and the door swings back. My reflection soon dissipates as I enter. Walking inside, I can smell the aroma of sizzling batter, warm syrup, and cooked toast. The waitress, Suzie Applebottom, is busy working behind the counter. Moving from the waffle maker to the stoves, she happily works through the day to keep those eager for waffles, well fed.

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A Mile in My Shoes: Delilah McDoodle

In Citizens, Interviews on October 5, 2009 at 3:32 am

del mcdoodleOnce a sporadic visitor, this interviewee has taken the plunge and moved to the Mile three weeks ago.

She doesn’t come toting machine guns, skin tight clothing, or tattoos, but she does warn against letting her big city ways fool you.

She gets upset sometimes, just like the rest of us, but overall she describes herself as a peaceful person looking for closure, a chance at happiness, and a break from the past.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this week’s subject of A Mile in My Shoes, Delilah McDoodle.

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A Mile in My Shoes: Jon Haystack

In Citizens, Interviews on September 29, 2009 at 11:52 pm


This week’s A Mile in My Shoes brings you someone you’ve likely seen, or likely will.

He’s the person many say was their first friend in Missing Mile so he’s not kidding when he says,  “I’m POPULAR?!”, even if he does phrase it as more of a question than a statement.

Below you’ll discover his karaoke song of choice and learn of his failed venture as a Kentucky Fried Chicken salesman.

A big advocate of Ramen, and not eating the yellow snow; meet the man and the manifestation (of what we’re not quite sure), Jon Haystack.

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A Mile in My Shoes: Zoey Clowes

In Citizens, Interviews on September 21, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Zoey ClowesOur past two ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ articles have featured longstanding Missing Mile citizens. But no less important to the development and future of our community, we’ve chosen a relative newcomer for the spotlight this week.

The message she hoped to relay to our readers was one of hope, and she reminds us that nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while you can.

You’ll learn everything from her aspirations of bartending, to the first person to befriend her, and the place she finally calls home. Hopefully a stranger no longer by the time you finish reading, without further ado let’s meet Zoey.

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Mile Style: Remi Taylor

In Citizens, Fashion on September 19, 2009 at 8:24 pm


Missing Mile Times is proud to present our newest feature, Mile Style.

Style is a lot like opinions (and assholes if you must go there), everybody’s got one. Whether good or bad is highly subjective, but Mile Style strives to bring you Missing Mile residents that go the extra mile to express themselves and wear their hearts on their literal sleeves.

Unlike A Mile in My Shoes, Mile Style will not commit to a strict publishing schedule, rather when remarkable style presents itself we will try our best to be there to capture it.

We look very forward to this new addition, and documenting the big style of this small town!

A Mile in My Shoes: Roy Nieuport

In Citizens, Interviews on September 13, 2009 at 12:29 am
[21:45]  Hayden Palmira: Can you state your full name?
[21:46]  Roy Nieuport: Roy Nieuport
[21:46]  Hayden Palmira: Do you have any nicknames?
[21:46]  Roy Nieuport: Hmm lemme think about that
[21:47]  Roy Nieuport: Perhaps Roy o’ boy and Robert if you can believe that
[21:47]  Hayden Palmira laughs a little as she scribbles the names.
[21:48]  Hayden Palmira: Ok Roy o’ Boy, can you describe yourself in three words for our readers?
[21:48]  Roy Nieuport: Random, laid back , and sometimes shy
[21:49]  Hayden Palmira: What is your biggest pet peeve?
[21:50]  Roy Nieuport: Hmm I would have to say that my own flaws are my worse pet peeve
[21:50]  Hayden Palmira perksa brow “That’s an interesting answer. Own worst enemy?”
[21:51]  Roy Nieuport: Basically My behavior begins to get to my at times
[21:51]  Roy Nieuport: Like choices that i’ve made that weren’t so bright
[21:51]  Hayden Palmira: Ah, I see.
[21:52]  Hayden Palmira: How would you describe your role within the Missing Mile community?
[21:53]  eeka Batz is Offline
[21:53]  Roy Nieuport: Well basically i’ve been around here for a very long time and my role in this town hasn’t helped the community much and if you’d glance at my rap sheet you’d agree
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[21:54]  Hayden Palmira: Would you consider your role that of a criminal?
[21:55]  Roy Nieuport: Well perhaps a while ago I’d say so but I’ve become somewhat of a pacifist
[21:55]  Skyler Broono looks then turns his head “Boss thats gotta be illegal”
[21:56]  Hayden Palmira nods “I can appreciate that.”
[21:56]  Hayden Palmira: What is your favourite place in Missing Mile and why?
[21:57]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm I’d have to say the sacred yew , Cause a lot of good memories happened there and the drinks are quite good
[21:58]  Autumn Hykova is Online
[21:58]  Hayden Palmira: Hm. I’ll have to keep that in mind.
[21:58]  Hayden Palmira: MMT: If you could go on a road trip with one person from Missing Mile who would it be and why?
[21:58]  Hayden Palmira: ((oops, copied from a notecard. FAIL))
[21:59]  Loch Newchurch: POKE!!!!
[21:59]  Reminisce Tomorrow: :>
[21:59]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm I would have to say my good friend Mineckar because he’s like my brother and we get into all types of trouble
[22:00]  Hayden Palmira: Sounds like an adventure.
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[22:00]  Roy Nieuport: Heh you ccould say that again
[22:00]  Hayden Palmira: What has been your most memorable moment in Missing Mile thus far?
[22:01]  Roy Nieuport: Hmm I’d have to say the time when I dissapeared from town for a day and the town gets attacked by a freaking alien , like talk about my luck
[22:01]  Roy Nieuport: ((xD i was the alien))
[22:01]  Hayden Palmira: ALIENS!?
[22:01]  Hayden Palmira: phew.
[22:01]  Loch Newchurch: AHH!
[22:01]  Hayden Palmira: ((haha))
[22:02]  Roy Nieuport: Yeah I believe there were some media coverage on that story
[22:02]  Loch Newchurch: hehe
[22:02]  Hayden Palmira: Duly noted. I’ll have to see if can dig it up sometime.
[22:02]  Hayden Palmira: What has been your greatest accomplishment in Missing Mile thus far?
[22:03]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm I would have to say my 3 days of soberness………god its killing me
[22:03]  [DD] Health System (v2.0.3): [[ OOC/ Archer Python (Arch Jermain) has attached their [DD] Health System (v2.0.3) with 100% health. ]]
[22:03]  Hayden Palmira: Well congratulations. Why did you give it up?
[22:04]  Rance Alva is Online
[22:04]  Roy Nieuport: Ah besides getting tickets for parking in the handicapped spot near MMPD too many times , I decided to lay off for as long as I can to see if I can make it
[22:05]  Hayden Palmira: Well that’s an admirable effort, good luck.
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[22:05]  Roy Nieuport: Heh I’ll need it
[22:06]  Hayden Palmira laughs “You may want to find a new favourite spot in Missing Mile though.”
[22:06]  Roy Nieuport: Haha Yeah kinda kills me ALOT when I think about it
[22:06]  eeka Batz is Online
[22:06]  Hayden Palmira: cue topic change!
[22:06]  Hayden Palmira: What is one thing that people might be surprised to earn aout you?
[22:07]  Hayden Palmira: learn* about*))
[22:07]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm well most people know me as a very random immature person but at time I can be very intellectual
[22:07]  Loch Newchurch: Lals ㋡
[22:08]  Rance Alva is Offline
[22:08]  Roy Nieuport: ((quiet you LOL))
[22:08]  Loch Newchurch: :#
[22:08]  Koden Enyo is Offline
[22:08]  Roy Nieuport: ((i lvoe my new compu-TOR))
[22:08]  Hayden Palmira nods as she jots that down “And last but not least, is there anything you’d like to ask me?”
[22:08]  Reminisce Tomorrow: au!
[22:08]  eeka Batz is Offline
[22:08]  Loch Newchurch: au!
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[22:09]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm well I would like to say that If anyone needs a waffle come find me
[22:10]  Hayden Palmira: Haha I’ll be sure to add that.
[22:10]  Roy Nieuport: ((omg my laptop works))
[22:10]  thompson Zarco is Online
[22:10]  Loch Newchurch: i think of american psycho when i hear this song
[22:10]  Hayden Palmira: ((just let me set up for the picture 1 min))
[22:11]  Roy Nieuport: ((hmm you taking it here?))
[22:11]  Hayden Palmira: yeah i’ll just build a white backdrop
[22:11]  Roy Nieuport: ((ok))
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[22:12]  Hayden Palmira: Ok go ahead and stand in front of the screen if you wouldn’t mind.
[22:12]  Roy Nieuport: (wait a sec))
[22:13]  Hayden Palmira: ((yep))
[22:13]  eeka Batz is Online
[22:13]  Roy Nieuport: there we go
[22:13]  thompson Zarco is Offline
[22:13]  Hayden Palmira: can you just turn to face me a little more?
[22:14]  Roy Nieuport: ok
[22:14]  Hayden Palmira: sorry I forgot i was still sitting, I mean straight ahead.
[22:15]  Giana Paine is Online
[22:16]  Rance Alva is Online
[22:16]  Hayden Palmira: Ok I think we’re good!
[22:16]  Roy Nieuport: alrighty
[22:16]  Hayden Palmira: nice shirt and tie btw.
[22:16]  Roy Nieuport: thanks
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: how long till it’ll be posted?
[22:17]  thompson Zarco is Online
[22:17]  Hayden Palmira: tonight or tomorrow morning.
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: alright
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: ill be online for a few more hours
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: btw if you need any more intereviews or stuff lieke this for your paper i can hel[
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: *help
[22:17]  Hayden Palmira: k I’ll IM you with the link once it’s publushed.
[22:17]  Hayden Palmira: published*
[22:17]  Roy Nieuport: okay
[22:18]  Hayden Palmira: thanks I’ll keep that in mind (:
[22:18]  Roy Nieuport: Btw I would like to post a personal for a pet cat
[22:18]  R5 Blueberry: Scanning for Update
[22:18]  Hayden Palmira: Would you like to do that now and I can update the page at the same time as your interview post?
[22:19]  Roy Nieuport: Hmmm sure
[22:19]  Soda: please wait…
[22:19]  Hayden Palmira: Ok you can IM it to me.
[22:20]  Hayden Palmira: Thanks again for your time, it was an insightful conversation.

roy_003 copyFor our second installment of ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ I’d like to introduce to you a long-term Missing Mile citizen, Roy Nieuport.

He hoped that this interview would shed some light on the person he was, and the person he has become.

From who he considers a brother, to his historical habit of parking in handicap spaces, let’s get a little more insight in to Roy.

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A Mile in My Shoes: Wyo Minghuang

In Citizens, Interviews on September 6, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Missing Mile Times sincerely apologizes for being unable to fulfill Wyo's request to be shown "fighting a dragon".

Missing Mile Times is proud to present a new feature which will spotlight citizens in Missing Mile – A Mile in My Shoes.

Each week the same questions will be asked, but the answers are sure to be very different. Our goal is to give you more insight into your fellow citizens, neighbours, and potential friends or foes.

Without further ado, let’s meet our first interviewee. Often hidden behind a veil of steam, Father to Pyo and manager of Pho Phuc Li (Asian Cusine), Wyo Minghuang.

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