Missing Mile's Independent Voice

Mission Statement

Missing Mile is a rural residential and roleplaying sim in the massively popular online life simulator, Second Life. “The Mile” as it is fondly called, was created by Loch Newchurch and is loosely based on the novel, Lost Souls, by Poppy Z. Brite.  A small town based in present-day North Carolina, Missing Mile’s residents and characters continue to create original, creative, and evolving plotlines ensuring that this story as it’s told is far from over.

Missing Mile Times was founded to chronicle and deliver useful information and stories of interest to citizens and outsiders alike.  In addition, Missing Mile Times aims to promote a common sense of identity and purpose among readers while creating a catalyst for discussion and debate.  Missing Mile Times vows to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity with every post as it strives to become Missing Mile’s number one source for local news.

Questions, comments, or concerns?
Please contact:
Hayden Palmira (in-world)
Missing Mile Times Editor

  1. not to be random or nutting but since when was it 30+ in sept? IN CANADA , its too warm to wear me beanie =(

  2. lol RANDOM! But yeah, they’ve forecasted a high of 32 here today :/

    And shame on you, it’s not a beanie it’s a touque.

  3. Heard the news , get well soon

  4. R.I.P You’ll always live in our hearts

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