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Quick Stop Gas & Grocery at gunpoint

In Crime, Local News on October 9, 2009 at 12:30 am
Quick Stop Robbery Surv

This still was captured by Quick Stop surveillance cameras depicting employee, Manny Dryke, in surrender to the masked and armed burglar.

Quick Stop employee, Manny Dryke, was robbed at gunpoint during his first shift back following medical leave.

Dryke was preoccupied with sorting the overwhelming amount of bills that had accumulated over the past few months in his absence when the robbery occurred.

The burglar, who Dryke depicted as a “masked goomba”, demanded the employee’s arms in the surrender position and the money from the till.  Donning a shotgun, ski mask, and trench coat, the burglar was nearly unidentifiable, and according to Dryke, not particularly memorable.

“If a guy came in dressed like a clown and throwing puppies, that would toss me off guard, but not this fella.”

Nevertheless, one important identifying feature did not go unnoticed. “He had a thick English accent and seemed light on his ‘H’ pronunciation,” Dryke recalled.

With the recent release of Jack Baxter, combined with the linguistic evidence,  speculation has swirled that The Syndicate (formerly The Firm) is to blame.  However, the amount stolen in the robbery was hardly enough to cover the gas for the getaway car according to Dryke.  “I figure he got away with about $45 worth, probably a button or two as well.”

But experts allege that the purpose of the robbery was not a one-time get rich quick operation, rather an investment in to a long term business relationship where payment is paid for protection.  Scare tactics such as the one described are often used to show these employees the “or else” factor.

“Given how lucrative the operations of the organization are currently, we believe this to be nothing more than a mere attempt to expand an already fully functioning racket by the Syndicate; in other words, extortion.” Stated MMPD Captain Lennon Daines.

Regardless, Dryke seemed remarkably nonchalant given the circumstances and believes it was nothing more than a sporadic event.

“I’m not phased by the robbery. Though it was swift and effective, I honestly see no need to panic about a random robbery.”

As of press time no charges  have been filed.

  1. “Masked Goomba”……………..hehe?

  2. Haha I was pretty fond of that little sound byte myself.

    Mario Bros. references ftw!

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