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Baxter back on Missing Mile’s streets

In Breaking News, Gangs on October 2, 2009 at 10:28 pm


MMPD Captain Lennon Daines and Lieutenant Sean Hawksby take custody of Jack Baxter from State Police liaison Lieutenant Richard Ceriano just prior to Baxter's formal release.

Jack Baxter, leader of The Firm and accused Machete Murderer, was released from prison today on to the streets of Missing Mile where he once reigned supreme.

“It’s good to be back,” said a smiling, if not taunting, Baxter.

However, it would seem the good news is not for all.  “Baxter getting out isn’t good for anyone,” countered Capt. Daines.

For members of The Firm, this is a day they’ve anticipated since his incarceration. “We are pleased that our dear friend is being given his freedom,” said one member who wished to remain anonymous.

“I can say we are all very excited of his release,” added Kytherean Thespian, reportedly The Firm’s third in command. It is this very chain of command that has the potential wreak the most havoc upon Baxter’s return to the top.

An interim leader was instated in Baxter’s absence, as previously reported, and has since been identified by MMPD as Marcus Regal.  In addition to inter-gang violence, police are now on the watch for intra-gang strife between Regal and Baxter.

“Baxter, as we’ve all experienced, can be very irrational and tends to act before he thinks. If, for any reason, there is some sort of hiccup in Baxter’s regaining leadership, we’re very concerned as to what consequences it may have on our streets,” expressed Capt Daines who added, “That, however, is a bridge we can only cross once we reach it.”

Members of The Firm are hopeful that it won’t come to that, and one even speculated that Baxter may in fact be a changed man –  a notion the MMPD deemed highly improbable.

“I find that unlikely, but I surely hope he has reformed himself,” laughed Capt Daines.  “I’ve never been a believer that people will actually change per se, but his getting out early on good behavior does tend to make you think twice,” added Lt. Hawksby.

MMPD vow to remain vigilant in their observation, but are not expecting any isolated acts of violence or crime in celebration directly related to Baxter’s release.

As for advice to Baxter moving forward, Lt. Hawksby had this to offer;
That, however, is only a bridge we can cross once we reach it.”

“One of his little running buddies said it best, he was a naughty boy and he’s spent his time in the corner with the dunce cap on his head. The only advice I would give him comes in the form of a question – have you learned your lesson?”

The answer, unfortunately, will only be revealed with time.


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