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Truck explosion ignites nearby Mooby’s

In Crime, Fire, Local News, Terrorism on September 26, 2009 at 12:45 pm
Photo submited by Aleksi Zaytsev. MMPD Sgt. Zaytsev guards the corner of the Mooby's parking lot after flames from a nearby truck expolosion spread to the fast food restaurant.

Photo submited by Aleksi Zaytsev. MMPD Sgt. Zaytsev guards the corner of the Mooby's parking lot as MMFD fight flames from a nearby truck explosion that spread to the fast food restaurant.

Burnt food was the only menu option late Thursday evening after a truck explosion spread to ignite popular fast food restaurant, Mooby’s.

MMPD Sergeant Aleksi Zaytsev was the first to arrive on the scene and by that time flames had already engulfed the local hangout.

“There was a large, intense fire spread throughout Mooby’s, which emanated primarily from the husk of a large truck,” Sgt. Zaytsev depicted. “The back of the truck was torn open, like it was the centre of the explosion.”

This large truck was described as plain black and lacking any logos or identifying graphics.

A large, intense fire, spread throughout mooby’s, eminating primarily from the husk of
a large truck.

With the influx of terrorist activity in Missing Mile, rumours that Cell-13 might be responsible for the truck explosion began circulating almost immediately.  However, Sgt. Zaytsev points out that there is one crucial piece needed before Cell-13 can be considered a prime suspect – motive.

“The location and timing seemed to be a waste of resources for a terrorist organization when you consider their intended targets. A terrorists primary goals is to cause massive civilian casualties,” he explained. “The restaurant was closed at the time, and nobody was anywhere near the truck. Why bomb an empty restaurant?”

Despite this, as of press time Sgt. Zaytsev could neither confirm nor deny Cell-13 involvement.  “There’s definitely a possibility,” he stated.

This leaves the door open for other previously unexpected suspects or even mechanical failure as the explosion and subsequent fire’s cause.

“It may have been volatile cargo stored in an incorrect way. You know how some of these private companies are… no safety regulations.”

As of press time, Cell-13 has not declared responsibility for this incident.

  1. Also bad that he or she did that right in front of the FD so we were able to respond fast.

    Lt.Baily Fire Department Head of Rescue Operations

  2. Well, if it was a case of arson then yeah that was poor planning and/or bad luck on the perpetrator’s part. Regardless, I’d consider the close proximity to the MMFD good luck for both the responding firemen and the citizens of Missing Mile (and its beloved Mooby’s -though damaged, is still standing).

    On behalf of the Missing Mile Times, thank you for your hard work on this case.

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