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‘Hockey’ season over in Missing Mile

In Breaking News, Crime, Gangs on September 26, 2009 at 8:40 pm
(L:R) Sgt. Oka Hancroft, Lt. Richard Ceriano, Det. Sgt. Elliot Karpov (behind), Firm (formerly Carbon) Leader Jack Baxter, Captain Lennon Daines, Detective Roxanna Vestieri, Sgt. Asuna Kaligawa

(L:R) Lt. Oka Hancroft, Lt. Richard Ceriano, Det. Sgt. Elliot Karpov (behind), The Firm (formerly Carbon) Leader Jack Baxter, Captain Lennon Daines, Det. Sgt Roxanna Vestieri, Sgt. Asuna Kaligawa

The mastermind behind Carbon and its infamous hockey mask was arrested in what nearly became a game of sudden death overtime.

Jack Baxter was charged with kidnapping, blackmail, two counts of assault on an officer, and three counts of homicide in connection with the ‘Machete Murders’. Ultimately, he was only convicted of kidnapping, blackmail, and one count of assault of an officer, which MMPD Captain Lennon Daines attributes to, “a lack of solid evidence, and witnesses who had since backed out of their agreements to cooperate.” Baxter was hereby sentenced to two weeks of jail time.

The kidnapping of MMPD Detective Sergeant Roxanna Vestieri  occurred       shortly after a bomb threat was reported to MMPD.  This resulted in a search of the Carbon (recently rebranded to The Firm) Warehouse, which produced a list of illegal goods found within.  Jack Baxter desperately wanted this list in an attempt to destroy any incriminating evidence.

Det. Sgt. Vestieri was on duty with her unofficial MMPD partner, Det. Sgt. Elliot Karpov, at the time of the kidnapping.  “Unfortuately, Mr. Baxter felt it prudent to obtain me in pursuit of the list. A way to get Elliot to feel forced to go get it,” she reasoned.

While both Detectives put up an admirable fight, “I broke a few jaws,” Det. Sgt. Vestieri admits, the kidnapping operation was premeditated, multi-faceted, and ultimately successful in its apprehension.  Two associates formed a dead end in the alley as Baxter boxed them in from behind.  Meanwhile, a sniper was perched atop the warehouse with a bird’s eye view of the incident.

However, the ultimate goal of obtaining the list was foiled as further explained by Det. Sgt. Vestieri.

“Mr. Baxter is short sighted and sloppy. Police files are kept very safe, and in several forms in several locations. Mr. Baxter was given a file of blank papers [presumed to be the list], which he burned.”

An MMPD raid resulted in the live release of Det. Sgt. Vestieri, though not unharmed.  She suffered a broken jaw which had to be wired shut, a severe concussion, and several bruises, while Det. Sgt. Karpov was shot in the hand.

Though the demise of all things ‘Carbon’ is apparent, The Firm is trying to move forward in the absence of their founder.

“It was a shock and a big hit for The Firm,” indicated one member who wished to remain anonymous.

However, not all members shared this sentiment as another anonymous member expressed. “It was a shock, but a blow? I don’t think so. Jack has been a naughty boy and he needed somebody to straighten him out. Best the police do it before we had to.”

Members also stated that an interim leader has been inducted and there is no issue of split loyalty where The Firm is concerned.  “We are all loyal to him and to Jack, no matter how the situation may finish.”

Capt. Daines suspected as much and noted, “We have not noticed a substantial decrease in their activity, which leads us to believe that there may be more than one head to this dragon.”

This is the first serious arrest of a Firm member, but MMPD assure it won’t be the last. “We will continue to make arrests, continue to do our jobs to the best of our ability, and continue to make life as difficult as possible for these thugs,” assured Capt. Daines.

Det. Sgt. Vestieri added, “I could do my job a lot better if these freaks weren’t allowed back out on the streets.”

Regardless, the inevitable release date looms and members of The Firm await Baxter’s return. “We’ll welcome Jackie boy back with open arms.”

Others have reason to differ.  “I hope the weasel doesn’t worm his way out of his sentence on parole or anything of the sort. Even at his detainment he threatened to rape me,” alleged Det. Sgt. Vestieri. “I’m sure, however, his cell mates are making it clear that rape is terribly impolite.”

As of press time, Jack Baxter has six days left to serve in his sentence with no indication of parole.

“Unfortunately, given lack of solid evidence, and witnesses who had since backed out of their
agreements to cooperate
  1. (I find it silly that I giggled that I was in the newspaper, even though its fictional and I knew I was gonna be. o.o; Good writing, though!)

  2. haha not silly at all! I love that people get excited about being in the paper and honestly it makes my job a lot easier.

    Thanks for the compliment, though as I always say, the sources make the story. Thanks for your cooperation!

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