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A Mile in My Shoes: Zoey Clowes

In Citizens, Interviews on September 21, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Zoey ClowesOur past two ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ articles have featured longstanding Missing Mile citizens. But no less important to the development and future of our community, we’ve chosen a relative newcomer for the spotlight this week.

The message she hoped to relay to our readers was one of hope, and she reminds us that nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while you can.

You’ll learn everything from her aspirations of bartending, to the first person to befriend her, and the place she finally calls home. Hopefully a stranger no longer by the time you finish reading, without further ado let’s meet Zoey.

MMT: Could you state your full name?
ZC: Zoey Denise Clowes

MMT: Do you have any nicknames?
ZC: Jon calls me Z, so I guess that’s it.
MMT: [laughs] I would have to call you Zed.

MMT: Can you describe yourself in three words for our readers?
ZC: Shy, goofy, and understanding.

MMT: What is your biggest pet peeve?
ZC: Liars of course [laughs] and just hateful people. I never understood why someone should be that way for no reason.
MMT: Me neither. Though there usually is a reason, they just won’t admit to it.
ZC: True, very true.

MMT: How would you describe your role within the Missing Mile community?
ZC: I don’t know.  I haven’t been in town for too long.. still trying to find out where I belong here.
MMT: Have you found that to be a challenge so far?
ZC: In some ways, yes. A lot of people here aren’t too trusting. Can’t blame them though, some of the folks in town have been through a lot.
MMT: True. I guess then, what would your ideal position within the community be?
ZC: [laughs] Maybe the town listener.  Or I could be a bartender, I always like meeting new people.
MMT: Yeah! I always thought bartending would be a fun job. Like a pseudo-psychologist almost.
ZC: Bartending seems to fit both listening and socializing here.
MMT: Totally.

MMT: What is your favourite place in Missing Mile and why?
ZC: That’s easy. The statue in the middle of the town. Everyone passes by or hangs out at that statue so you see and hear a lot of things.

MMT: If you could go on a road trip with one person from Missing Mile who would it be and why?
ZC: Well, there’s actually two people I would like to go on a road trip with, but if I had to choose one it would be Jon Haystack. He was my first friend here in The Mile and he is so much fun to hang out with. I’d probably end up in jail or on the run for the rest of my life! [laughs]
MMT: You’re ok to say a second person if you like.
ZC: Roy Nieuport. He’s a new friend of mine but he’s a lot of fun too.  I think I would get in to so much trouble!

MMT: What has been your most memorable moment in Missing Mile thus far?
ZC: Well, I know he’s done it many times before I got here, but one time Jon ran out of Locksley’s house in a box and set himself on fire. I think someone called it his flaming box routine.
MMT: [laughs] The flaming box trick never gets old.
ZC: I laughed so hard I was crying, but then I remembered he was on fire so yeah, had to make sure he was ok.

MMT: What has been your biggest accomplishment in Missing Mile so far?  
ZC:  Getting a house.  It’s not much, but it’s mine. I’ve been homeless for most of my life and this is the first place I can call home.
MMT: Wow, that’s a huge accomplishment. Congratulations, and don’t forget a housewarming party!
ZC: I’m sure Jon won’t forget to let me have one. Or he’ll have one and I won’t even be there.
MMT: I look forward to an invite!

MMT: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
ZC: I might not look like it, but I’m more dangerous than I appear.

MMT: Last, but not least, is there anything you would like to ask me?
ZC: Can’t really think of anything. Maybe, do you need an assistant?
MMT: YES! But I couldn’t expect someone to work for the peanuts that I do.
ZC: I’m used to having nothing so it’s no problem.
MMT: I will definitely keep that in mind.

Next week’s interview: Jon Haystack

  1. mmmm peanus,I mean peanuts….I SWEAR!!!

  2. Sincerely hopes that’s an inside joke between Zoey and yourself!

  3. its not lol i think it was an honest typo lol

  4. LOL I’m not editing it. :p

  5. NOOO, and zoeys actually been around a long time

  6. The white background does wonders for pics

  7. Roy, she said, “I haven’t been in town for too long”!

    That’s what she said. xD

  8. ahh shes halluciating shhh

  9. well i don’t count the beginning because everyone pretty much ignored me and i didn’t have a character built. so i havent been in the mile for long roy and thats my story and im sticking to it. dont make me draw pink daisies on your eye patch.

  10. GASPZ0RS!! you wouldn’t….would you?

  11. yes…with hearts.

  12. Naaahhhhh put em in a dress then draw pink daisies on it

  13. hey me in a tutu was good enough

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