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MMPD point finger at Carbon for latest ‘Machete Murder’

In Crime, Gangs on September 12, 2009 at 5:43 pm
MMPD Lt. Lennon Daines arrives on the scene to observe the 'Machete Murderers' third victim.

MMPD Lt. Lennon Daines arrives on scene at the Mooby's parking lot to observe what has officially been classified as the 'Machete Murderer's' third victim.

The tell-tale signs of the seemingly insatiable ‘Machete Murderer’ (machete, axe, and mutilation) were all present at yesterday’s scene, marking the third kill in three weeks.

First responders described what may be the most perverse display of the body yet. The victim, who has been identified as career criminal Louis Crown, was decapitated only to have his contusion riddled head stabbed to his groin with the now infamous machete.

In addition, his organs had been severed and his exposed, broken ribcage was clearly visible to bystanders. Gun shot wounds to the neck were also noted.

Serial killers are loosely defined as a person who attacks and kills people one by one in a series of incidents.  However, MMPD Lt. Daines remains steadfast in his belief that the term serial killer need not apply.

“No, this is not a serial killer. This is, however, along with the other two, being classified as gang related.”

When pushed for details on which gang was believed to be responsible, Lt. Daines responded quickly and confidently with, “Carbon. The criminal enterprise reputedly headed by English gangster, Jack Baxter.”

Carbon is said by Investigations to have Mafia affiliation, however no formal Mafiosi have been linked to the case in Missing Mile as of yet.

“We do believe that they have connections to one of the five New York crime families possibly working as a vassal of sorts in the drug trafficking trade.”

Baxter is now the first individual to be officially named as a suspect by MMPD in this trilogy of murders.  And while the prime suspect may (or may not) have changed, the believed motive remains the same.

“I  believe this act to be retaliatory in nature. Whether he [Crown] owed money to Baxter’s loansharks, bookies, or just offended one of Baxter’s mob, has yet to be determined, but given the nature of the crime and the probable motive of the previous two murders, yes it remains the same.”

As for the confessed masked killer’s public declaration of MMPD corruption prior to this report, Lt. Daine’s maintains that the extent of his communication with the suspect has been directly in passing on the street or in the interrogation room.

“We have a very effective Internal Affairs division. I fully place my trust in that if there are officers who have taken this route, IA will do their jobs as effectively as they ever have. No more questions.”


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