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Missing Mile Opinion: Departmentalizing your emergency health services

In Polls on September 8, 2009 at 11:37 am

MMFD crews were notified at the scene of Labor Day’s sewer fire that ambulance services had been relinquished to the Hospital due to a lack of space in the Fire Hall.

With your health and safety at stake, tell us where you think the ambulance and EMT would best serve the Missing Mile Community.

  1. I feel that this is an area that the fire department traditionally maintains in most U.S. cities, and feel that it is that way for a reason. If it’s not broke, do not fix it, we’ve all heard this saying. And though the response times may not be ideal, I do not see any change such as the one mentioned in this poll to change that.

  2. Unfortunately, it seems that it is broke in this case. I’m not sure exactly what is taking up the extra room in the Fire Hall that once housed an ambulance, but I can only hope it’s another fire engine.

    From your comment, it seems the issue may not be who keeps the ambulance, but how fast they can use it.

    I personally think a separate department would be ideal, but at the very least I think someone should be put in a position with sole authority over EMT services. With responsibility, accountability, and prestige could come an increase in response times.

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