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Fire in the hole

In Crime, Local News on September 8, 2009 at 10:41 am
MMFD/EMT, kurama49 Minotaur, finds Rabbit Mint face down in the sewer as flames approach.

MMFD/EMT, kurama49 Minotaur, finds Rabbit Mint face down in the sewer as flames approach.

Missing Mile residents had to wake up and smell the sewage after a sub level fire reached ground level this Labor Day weekend.

MMFD were notified after a citizen saw flames and billowing smoke pouring from Main Avenue.  However, when they arrived on scene a faint, echoing cry for help was heard coming from one of the manholes.  It was then that MMFD Chief Jerry Yebut redirected his team to work from the underground up.

The victim was identified as Missing Mile citizen, Rabbit Mint, who was lifted from the depths on the shoulders of MMFD/EMT, Yuri Swordthain.  Mint received additional medical attention at Missing Mile Hospital, and though unconscious on arrival, her vitals were listed as stable as of press time.

Initially, Chief Yebut speculated mechanical reasons for the sewer fire citing “sparks and chemicals” as one of the many potential causes.

However, his attention quickly turned to a citizen, a stranger by many accounts, who was seen lurking around the crisis area.  Unnamed, but identified by his fiery red hair, the observer stated, “I think it was arson.”

With a swift point of his finger at the redheaded man, Chief Yebut changed his mind. “One, he’s trying to cause trouble.  Two, I suspect him of arson as he was the only one around at the time.”

Chief Yebut indicated to reporters that he will be in communication with the MMPD on this matter and that he is treating it as a potentially ongoing case.


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