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Second body identified in Missing Mile’s ‘Machete Murders’

In Breaking News, Crime, Gangs on August 26, 2009 at 2:44 am

Lieutenant Lennon Daines crouches above the body of Sal Ferrera, the second victim claimed by Missing Mile's 'Machete Murderer'.

In what seemed like a case of deja vu, another body was found mutilated by a machete, making this the second murder of its kind in only two days.

While the location and presentation were different than yesterday’s murder at the Missing Mile church, there were some alarming similarities.  Namely, the presence of both a machete and an axe in addition to the public display of the remains.

First responders were able to give this description of the body; “He received three gunshot wounds, solely to the chest and his head was severed and stabbed to his hand with a machete.” The victim, who has been identified as Sal Ferrera, was found hanging over the tunnel secured by an axe which cut through his arm and lodged itself deep within the concrete.

While it seems the culprit is developing a trademark, characteristic of most serial killers, MMPD maintain their belief that the murders are gang related, but not the work of a serial killer.

“The MMPD does not believe that these killings were random, or the work of a serial killer. The likeness to other murders has been taken into consideration, and we believe them to be the works of the same criminal organization.” explained Lieutenant Lennon Daines.

Missing Mile citizen, Ben Dembo, was present at the scene and offered a different theory on who may be responsible for these murders. “Yalarti did it.” Dembo alleged. “The local gangs hire him to be the baddest scariest bastard on the planet.”

Simply put, he’s been described as a, “boogeyman for hire”.

As for a motive, Dembo ascertained it wouldn’t take much. “He’d do it just for the thrill of it.”

Despite these accusations, MMPD are not currently pursuing Yalarti as a suspect, nor are they considering this a viable lead in the case, according to Lt. Daines.

“We have been given some credible, newly obtained, information which is pointing in a different direction. Though, as I said, I do believe both murders were commited by the same person, or certainly the same organization.”

Two consecutive days of murder left many wondering if this is something that will happen again, maybe as soon as tomorrow.  However, an MMPD official statement suggests that a motive has clearly been defined and the average law-abiding citizen has nothing to fear.

“We have no clues as to where, when, or even if there will be additional killings in this manner, but I do feel confident in saying that this poses no threat to the average Missing Mile resident. These men were career criminals, and all degenerate gamblers.”

A note was found attached to the victim’s foot stating, “I will never miss another payment.”

  1. I would like to reiterate that we are doing everything in our power to bring the perpetrator of these gruesome murders to justice. I would also like to reiterate that the MMPD has come across absolutely no evidence that would lead us to believe these murders indicate any sort of danger to our fair city’s residents. Both of the victims were, as stated, career criminals who had ties to many criminal organizations, and both had a history of gambling addiction. Though we will diligently continue our search for this suspect, we can not stress enough the lack of need for worry from ordinary law abiding citizens.

    – Lt. Lennon Daines, MMPD

  2. Thank you for your reiteration, Lt. Daines. While the Missing Mile Times’ primary goal is to inform, the last thing I would want is to incite a false sense of panic within the community.

    “Knowledge, education in its true sense, is our best protection against unreasoning prejudice and panic-making fear.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Hayden Palmira
    Missing Mile Times Editor

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