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Gangland crime heats up in Missing Mile

In Crime, Gangs on August 22, 2009 at 5:41 am
MMFD Lieutenant Nicker Easterwood sprayed back flames at Missing Mile Community High School.

MMFD Lieutenant Nicker Easterwood sprays back flames at Missing Mile Community High School

Flames preceded gunfire as two separate Missing Mile locations became intertwined crime scenes; allegedly at the hands of a newly recognized gang.

Members of,  “The Bandits”, are suspected of causing both the explosion at Missing Mile Community High School and the hostage situation and subsequent  shoot out with MMPD at the Sacred Yew.

The MMFD battled two stories of flames and blinding smoke after a “Bandit” battle tank reportedly fired explosives at the school.  Firefighter Joey Ichtama suffered from extreme smoke inhalation and became unresponsive, but after receiving on scene CPR from MMPD Sergeant Yukon Naidoo he was reportedly listed in stable condition.

Shortly afterwards, a civilian (whose name could not be released) was taken hostage at the Sacred Yew, allegedly by the same members of “The Bandits”.  A shootout ensued after shots were heard coming from inside the bar, which led to the fatality of one suspect and the injury of the hostage and three MMPD officers.

Eyewitnesses reported three suspects at the initial crime scene, and Roy Nieuport is presently being detained by MMPD as the primary suspect in both cases.  One suspect remains at large and is actively being pursued by officers.

Staff Inspector Tyiler Scarbridge was on duty at both locations and offered this official MMPD statement:

“The MMPD would like to reassure the safety of all our citizens. We are working nonstop to find the missing suspect and any further confrontation with “The Bandits” will be dealt with swiftly.”

As of press time, Staff Inspector Scarbridge confirmed that the hostage was listed in critical condition at Missing Mile Hospital. All three officers were treated at hospital and are listed in stable condition.

  1. Pristine reporting, Ms. Palmira. I would like to take this time to let it be known that this new group of criminals have ignorantly thrust themselves into the forefront of Investigations, and the department in whole. That said, they will be dealt with in the way that the MMPD has dealt with their kind for many years; Efficient police work. As for you Ms. Palmira, keep up the efficient reporting. You’re almost always welcomed to any of my scenes, just show your press identification and we’ll make sure you get the chance to get details, given the scene is safe.

    – Lt. Lennon Daines, MMPD

  2. Thank you, Lt. Daines. It seems there has been an alarming increase in the number of gangs in Missing Mile over the past week and I’m sure your crime statistics will confirm that. It is reassuring to know that the MMPD Investigations Dept. is giving this the focus and attention that it deserves to ensure that our town remains a safe one.

    Missing Mile Times aims to give this issue continuous coverage in a joint effort to empower citizens with knowledge and expose criminals* for their actions. Thank you to both yourself and the MMPD for their support and cooperation in this venture.

    *Missing Mile Times would like to add that all suspected criminals are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

    Hayden Palmira
    Missing Mile Times Editor

  3. Heh more publicity

  4. Thank you for your information, Roy. At press time your gang was considered by both the Missing Mile Times and the MMPD as a new group. As for legitimate gentlemen? Objectively, the actions of your gang thus far speak otherwise >.<

    ((OOC NOTE)): Anything that is published in the Missing Mile Times can be used as IC information by MMPD and citizens alike, as long as they indicate they've read the paper. It is an IC publication. While I'm really excited about it (\o/) and happy to see others excitement in being published, fair warning that it can be to your character's detriment.

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