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MMPD negotiations lead to surrender of armed war veteran

In Crime, Gangs on August 21, 2009 at 6:10 am
This Dead End sign marks the corner of K. Smith and Bliss in front of the Carbon territory warehouse.

This Dead End sign marks the corner of K. Smith and Bliss in front of the Carbon territory warehouse.

Some feared that this Dead End sign would foreshadow the fate of police and gangsters alike amidst tense deliberations within the Carbon warehouse.  However, after approximately 30 minutes of negotiations it was brought to responding officers’ attention that the suspect, Krakus Batillinos, is a war veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  It is with this knowledge that they were able to quickly negotiate both surrender and treatment.

But, this was not a safe day for all. Corporal Aleksi Zaytsev initially tried to apprehend Battilinos after the suspect allegedly threw an axe at his MMPD vehicle.

“He popped the tire of a traffic enforcement Dodge, then ran away before I could give chase.”

It wasn’t until later that Corporal Zaytsev again encountered Battilinos, who inexplicably donned a hooded brown coat, gasmask, and tanks on his back, at Mooby’s while issuing an unrelated traffic citation.  When the Corporal attempted to arrest the suspect for the prior allegation, Battilinos reportedly pulled a rifle out and aimed it at Corporal Zaytsev. It’s been described as the, “Mexican stand-off in the middle of Mooby’s”.

It was then that Corporal Zaytsev reports the suspect said, “Bad move, buddy.” and proceded to shoot him in the right side of his abdomen.  Corporal Zaytsev reports wearing protective gear and walking away with a “flesh wound” after the bullet ripped through part of his vest and made a clean exit.  Still, the bullet was so powerful it dropped him to the floor long enough for Battilinos to flee to the Carbon warehouse seeking refuge.

Several members and affiliates of Carbon were present at the warehouse, namely Jack Baxter, the gang’s recognized founder and leader. Baxter was overheard referring to Battilinos as, “an ex partner from war”, though some speculate that this seemingly harmless friendship could mean Carbon affiliation and even potential membership.


Foreground (Left to Right) Corporal Aleksi Zaytsev, Lieutenant Hoss Schumann Background (Left to Right) Jessa Alba, Jack Baxter, Detective Sergeant Maxim Colo

Members of all departments of the MMPD including Patrol, Investigations and Canine were called to the scene for backup.  After a barricade was set up keeping civilians 100 feet away from the scene the warehouse parking lot quickly emptied and members of Carbon along with Battilinos and Lieutenant Lennon Daines, Commander of Investigations, entered the warehouse to begin negotiations.

After the scene was declared safe and the suspect was transported for psychiatric care, Lieutenant Daines offered this official MMPD statement:

“After a dispute between Corporal Zaytsev and the suspect, the Corporal attempted to apprehend and the suspect got defensive. After a short time barricaded in the warehouse, it was brought to our attention that his man was a war veteran and was suffering from a mental disorder related to his experiences. He was negotiated with, and then escorted to the hospital where he is getting professional help for his condition.”

As of press time, no charges have been filed against Battilinos.

As for whether or not everyone believes Battilinos fell victim to symptoms of  PTSD, Corporal Zaytsev had this to offer, “I’ve seen many a man act crazy after being in war, but shooting a cop at point blank with a bolt action rifle? That’s just insanity.”


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